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Robert McIntyre


Oxford-educated INSEAD Business School alumnus and cricket-lover Robert McIntyre started his career in merchant and private banking at Leopold Joseph. He joined Barclays Private Bank in his 30s, serving as a director from the years 1997-2007 before being promoted to the position of managing director – a post that he has commanded for 13 years.

After more than two decades at the firm, McIntyre can now proudly call himself the longest serving managing director at Barclays’ UK Private Bank. His arsenal of experience in scrutinising services and products equips him to advise private clients.

He is the distinguished holder of one of Barclays’ ‘largest client books’, and the average length of service to his clients is a staggering 14 years. The senior banker has been a constant to clients, providing the gamut of banking and investment services, often over a decades-long duration. ‘My clients have been with me for a very long time. If I couldn’t deliver, they would have found me out by now,’ he says. He is, he pledges, ‘there at the beginning – and at the end’.

Equipped with an industry-renowned knowledge of treasury products and derivatives, McIntyre is proud of his actions for a ‘very long-established, eclectic and prestigious’ mix of UHNWs, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, charities and estates. As MD, he gets to ‘unlock the uncommonly wide range and depth of service’ across the bank, and seeks to offer clients constant assistance throughout their changing needs, whether that be guiding them through difficult times or propelling them forward.

However, McIntyre is also committed to laying the foundations for the next chapter of banking. For the past year or so he has been ‘in the vanguard of those moving clients towards more sustainable investing’ – a moment that he considers pivotal in both his career and in the wider world of investment.

For McIntyre, one guiding principle presides: the prioritisation of client’s needs. He knows that getting his clients the capital they want at the right moment for the right rate can make all the difference, and works tirelessly to ensure this happens. He is a trusted gatekeeper of clients’ banking requirements, access to capital and to the investment bank, and his service to UK-based UNHWs has earned him the title of 2016 European Banker of the Year.

‘Priority order is, always: client first, bank second, adviser/banker third,’ says McIntyre. ‘If I am competent, it is because the clients have made me so.’

Rank: Recommended

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