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Willis Towers Watson


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London, United Kingdom

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Alternative assets

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Investments and Asset Management

Risk management



Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi


Spear's Review

Things have changed a lot since Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi’s father worked in risk management. ‘He’d be simply amazed at how the industry has moved forward in the way we help clients think about their biggest risks,’ says Willis Towers Watson’s Global Solutions Group chairman.

He tells Spear’s that, when it comes to corporate clients, he and his team first lay the groundwork for any insurance programme by having an in-depth discussion about risk with senior management. ‘We discuss what healthy attitudes to risk management look like, the extent to which senior leadership demonstrate these attitudes and how employees can be made to feel more empowered and accountable for protecting the firm from its biggest risk exposures.’

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2021, Insurance Advisers

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