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Isabella Birch Reynardson


As head of Savills’ Super Prime Lettings, Izzy Birch Reynardson’s role includes consulting and advising clients about bringing their properties to the market and subsequent launches, marketing campaigns and transactions. ‘We discreetly and efficiently source the highest calibre tenants and/or properties for our clients. We facilitate these transactions and ensure they run smoothly and are clear, concise and compliant for all parties.’

The office prides itself on its clients and tenants from all sectors and nationalities. These tended to be rather regimented throughout the year, with different segments of the market and/or nationalities securing property at different times. ‘In the last 12 months, we’re now seeing this demand be more sporadic,’ says Birch Reynardson, who describes the service offered as ‘bespoke and approachable’.

Speed is ‘key’ in the world of property, she adds, but it is only in tandem with ‘fierce efficiency and a thorough way of working that it is advantageous. Dealing with the right people is my mantra. Not only is my role to source great property, but when you’re involved in an ongoing transaction, you want to know you’re dealing with the same, respectable people on the other side. My job is to match landlords with tenants as much as it is to find you the best home.’

Birch Reynardson says her move to the firm’s Super Prime arm is ‘the best choice of my career: We’ve seen some exceptional transactions and I am spoilt in the clients, tenants and contacts that I get to deal with.’

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