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Ed Sugden


Following his ‘highly successful’ 2019, Ed Sugden continued in the same vein for 2020, selling the highest-priced country property in the south of England during lockdown.

‘As the post-lockdown search for country houses became a surge, opportunity increased, and it was a matter of proactively digging out vendors who were keen to exploit the new-found interest in country houses and realisation of the benefits of country living,’ says Sugden, who has been a director at the firm ‘s Country House Department since 2013.

A specialist in the top end of the country house market in Buckinghamshire, through the Cotswolds, down to Hampshire and along the south coast to Devon, he’s a firm believer that the surge in demand has now become a sea-change, and that this is as good a time as any over the last decade or so to be selling a country house, such is the current demand.

Sugden knows how to extract maximum value on behalf of his clients, while recognising the absolute requirement for complete confidentiality and discretion.

‘There are many reasons why vendors sell privately,’ he says, ‘from not wanting family members or friends to know about what might be a private matter – such as divorce or financial difficulty – to something as simple as not wanting the staff to know, to counter the risk of losing them during a protracted sale process.’

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