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Delfin Private Office


Business & Entrepreneurship

Family Office Services


London, United Kingdom

Sector focus

Investments and Asset Management


Annamaria Koerling


‘Identify the staying power of your investment,’ says Annamaria Koerling, sharing the essence of her advice to international families since the start of Covid-19.

‘We are focused on empowering families to put in place resilient and relevant solutions taking into consideration the financial, human, geographic and social dimensions that are so important to their well-being. We call it “future-proofing your wealth”.’

Koerling’s own business has changed, too. After a ‘collaborative demerger’ she oversees the needs of complex international families under Delfin, while the rest of the operation provides domestic solutions under the banner of Owl Private Office Holdings. She tells Spear's she's experienced 'an incredible trajectory' since.

Rank: Top Ten

Top Ten 2021, Family Office Services

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