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Aurélien Collignon


Aurélien Collignon, partner at FORE Partnership, is guided by ‘an all-encompassing ethical vision for a low-carbon world where property is a force for good’. He has taken on properties with a collective gross development value of around £300 million, converting them into more profitable structures by applying environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) factors.

‘We guide investment decisions, explore options and deliver best-in-class services,’ he adds. ‘We are always considering a wide range of opportunities and refine carefully which ones present best risk-adjusted returns, in the wider context of the market and micro- and macro-trends.’

Collignon joined the firm in 2015, where he took the lead on managing a ‘sizeable portfolio’.

He’s not looked backed since. ‘This strategic move allowed me to oversee the development and successful delivery of an ultra-sustainable property in the UK, winning this year a multitude of awards, including the “Social Impact Award” of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.’ he says. ‘A great achievement.’ The firm maintains a process of ‘continued review and assessment’, guided by its ‘overarching’ focus on ESG. ‘There is a strong drive to push boundaries and remain at the forefront of innovation,’ he adds.

‘We engage with like-minded parties, develop network of forward-thinking partners and challenge status-quo.’

Indeed, Windmill Green is the first multi-let property in Manchester to receive an ‘outstanding’ BREEAM certification, with a platinum-rated ‘cycle score’ due to the availability and accessibility of push-scooters and rental folding-bike facilities.

Collignon sincerely believes that the firm represents sustainability ‘in its widest meaning… We feel like it’s been a period of awakening for most of our peers and competitors,’ he adds, of how ESG factors are spilling into the wider investment community. It is not just passion that drives FORE Partnership’s team towards its sustainability goals, Collignon insists, but also the broad range of skills the firm exhibits, allowing it to truly connect with HNWs: ‘We are pretty down to earth here,’ the likeable Frenchman adds. ‘It requires a team with softer skills to appreciate the time that it takes to talk to people, and to understand the real, rational purpose of the project.’

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