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Andreas Kaimakamis


Andreas Kaimakamis is a director at Atlas Property Group, where he focuses on the planning and development aspects of its client offering. ‘We look at all potential angles from a value-add perspective and utilise our experience and professional network to ensure the most beneficial outcome for our investors,’ he explains to Spear’s.

Originally set up to manage a small family portfolio in West London over 25 years ago, Atlas is now a ‘one-stop property’ solution for a number of clients with varying investment profiles. The firm has quadrupled in size in the last 10 years, in terms of assets under management, number of staff, rent collected and turnover.

Atlas prides itself on its long-standing relationships with investment agents and being ‘in tune with ever evolving market requirements’. It’s a quality that is particularly important when it pertains to the ‘dynamic and constantly changing’ real estate industry in London; and aims to ensure that clients’ investments evolve with the market, while exploring all avenues to add value. ‘Due to the discreet nature and profile of the work we do and the clients we work with, growth is organic and relies largely on word of mouth,’ Kaimakamis remarks.

Given the variety of real estate under its management, the firm has a ‘significant’ amount of property at different stages of the planning process, from pre-applications through to complex appeal procedure, Kaimakamis notes.

‘We advise on procurement strategies, appointment of the professional team and contractor selection, and manage the process to completion,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘We believe a close relationship between the design team and the agencies tasked with marketing the finished product is vital and begin this collaboration very early on.’

It’s a process that’s been highlighted in a ‘fantastic’ recent office scheme in King’s Cross, where Atlas took an industrial use building ‘in need of modernisation’.

The project, which involved a ‘lengthy’ planning process followed by an 18-month construction phase, showcases the ‘full spectrum’ of the services that the firm offers to investors.

It’s also recently completed a new-build residential scheme in West London, which has been fully let at ‘top market rents and in a very short period of time’. For Kaimakamis, the case ‘further underlines our understanding of the market across both commercial and residential sectors’.

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