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The Kusnacht Practice


Zurich, Switzerland


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare



United Kingdom


The Kusnacht Practice


SWITZERLAND IS RENOWNED for delivering world-class medical excellence, luxury and discretion. These factors contribute to The Kusnacht Practice’s reputation as a global leader in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Located in Zurich, the acclaimed Practice provides treatment for a wide range of psychological and dependency disorders, with tailor-made care plans delivered in a private, five-star setting.

Treatment predominantly takes place within each client’s own clinical residence, located near the Practice on the shores of Lake Zurich, providing the very best health care in luxurious surroundings. Every client has a personal live-in counsellor, and Biomolecular (Bio-R) chef who provides characteristically outstanding Swiss service.

Treatment plans are entirely tailored to individual requirements, with clients benefiting from up to eight one-to-one sessions per day. There is no group therapy – confidentiality is key.

The clinical team at The Kusnacht Practice has vast experience in identifying and treating the true underlying causes of psychological disorders, rather than focusing simply on the symptoms. The expertise of their leading medical professionals and multi-disciplinary team provide the ultimate care and treatment in one convenient destination.

Additionally, the international network of experts available to clients of The Kusnacht Practice means that this optimal level of care is available as soon as it is required. This is not a place where clients have to wait months to see a leading medical consultant. Such direct access – along with The Kusnacht Practice’s outstanding reputation – makes it particularly attractive to global political and business leaders, as well as UHNW individuals who demand the best.

Very often, the immediate problems that confront a client can be caused by a much deeper compulsion to escape from emotional stress or other factors.

These forms of compulsive behaviour might be associated with biochemical and neurochemical imbalances that can dictate not only the way a person functions, but also how they feel on an emotional and spiritual level. The Practice’s Biomolecular Restoration programme – an in-depth, innovative procedure that supports the overall treatment programme – corrects the imbalances and stress factors in complex biochemistry to strengthen physical and emotional well-being.

While the doctors and practitioners at the Practice recognise that medication can play an important role in a client’s recovery, efforts are made to minimise use. Often, it is only considered for the short-term relief of symptoms.

Instead, the team at The Kusnacht Practice focus on psychotherapeutic interventions and, where relevant, a 12-Step programme to bring about a spiritual shift that facilitates recovery.

Treatment plans also include leisure activities to provide clients with every opportunity to enjoy Switzerland’s natural beauty and reconnect with or develop new personal interests.

Arrangements can also be made for family and loved ones to visit clients during their residential stay. Additionally, for clients who have official or work obligations, the Practice is able to incorporate an office suite within their residence, enabling them to meet the ongoing requirements of their professional lives.

It is not only the exceptional residential treatment that clients receive which contributes to their long-term health and wellbeing. The Practice’s Continuing Care Programme, which is developed and implemented for each individual, plays a crucial role in their sustained recovery and happiness.


Treatment for psychological and physical disorders; Tailor-made care; Discretion


United Kingdom

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