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Rothschild & Co


ROTHSCHILD & CO’s Wealth Management business provides wealth management services to some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, families, foundations and charities. As one of the few families to have successfully preserved their wealth over seven generations, the Rothschild family remain very much at the helm of the business, so we use our practical knowledge to tackle the issues wealth owners face and help them protect their assets.

We understand that our clients and their families often take risks to build their fortune. This means that they can be conservative with their wealth, looking to us to protect and grow its real value rather than take any unnecessary risks with it.

We advise our clients in relation to all their financial and non-financial wealth and focus on generating attractive investment returns. This involves investing in assets that increase in value over time, beating inflation, and avoiding large losses along the way. This approach, coupled with the stability that comes with seven generations of family-controlled ownership, makes us a secure and enduring home for our clients’ assets.

Our Clients

It is difficult to generalise about our clients but, in line with the Rothschild family legacy and the tradition of entrepreneurship, many of our clients have created their own wealth, around 80% of our new business over the last year.

Our Global Advisory business is one of the world’s most active investment banks and works with a wide range of successful entrepreneurs across the country. Wealth Management can step in to meet the complex investment and wealth planning needs that arise when preparing to sell a business.

While we are thrilled to attract new clients and grow assets under management, we regard positive feedback and a high referral rate from existing clients as our most meaningful measure of success. Our client retention rate in the UK is 98% and more than two-thirds of our clients have recommended us to a friend. We always strive for excellence in client service – a recent survey found that we lead the industry in client satisfaction, but we are never complacent and are always focused on how we can improve.

Our investment approach also meets the challenges faced by a charities’ long-term needs. As a result, our charity sector assets have grown steadily and we now manage over £1 billion on behalf of charities and foundations.

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is distinctive and we devote our time and energy to building portfolios made up of high-quality investments from across sectors and geographies – comprising of return assets, those investments we expect to drive long-term inflation-beating returns, and diversifying assets, which we hope will provide protection during equity market corrections.

Given the business we are in, our experience with the clients we serve, the history of financial markets, human psychology and the perennial need for discipline when investing, we believe our focus on real wealth preservation and growth is the right one for our clients.

We assess the investments that make up clients’ portfolios according to three main factors, using a research-intensive, bottom-up approach. We seek out businesses with a durable competitive advantage – the ability to sustain attractive returns even under the influence of strong competition. We look for management teams who act with integrity and who create a win-win outcome for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. And finally, if the investment meets the first two criteria, we aim to invest at fair and attractive valuations. We apply the same thought and rigour to our clients’ money as we would to our own.

Looking Ahead

The idea of investing sustainably has always underpinned our management of long-term portfolios. Rather than seeing ESG as a bolt-on, we believe the best way to identify high-quality investments that can deliver attractive returns over the long term is to consider it as an integral part of our investment process.

Of course, ESG is an increasing focus for our clients who want assurance that their portfolios are being managed responsibly.

We continue to focus on improving our processes and putting more structure around what we do, as well as actively communicating our responsible investment approach to clients, updating our Responsible Investment Policy and publishing our fourth annual ESG Report in 2020. We are a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment – as are all of Rothschild & Co’s investment businesses – and our group strategy is aligned to a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which places us in their leadership category on implementing best practice.

People are at the core of our business, so it’s crucial to ensure that our teams reflect the different backgrounds, genders, ages and life experiences of the clients we work with and their next generations. This focus on diversity and the collaborative environment we work in means that the right teams of people are assembled around clients to meet their specific needs – and those of their children and families.


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