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OCM Wealth Management


Northampton, United Kingdom

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United Kingdom


OCM Wealth Management


OCM Wealth Management is a privately-owned firm set up by Jason & Maggie Stather-Lodge in 2004, with the sole aim of providing a tailored, dependable, and smarter approach to Wealth Management service for their HNW clients.

Wealth Management is not just about financial planning for wealthy individuals, it is about being capable of understanding the clients and then delivering a holistic solution that is fit for purpose by a firm that has experience in doing it, which OCM has in abundance. What OCM does with aplomb every day is high-level financial and tax planning to define the objectives that are then integrated with an independent and discretionary investment management proposition, with the aim of delivering on the clients’ agreed outcomes.

As a firm, OCM holds Discretionary Asset Management permissions, so it can be proactive and manage the portfolio of assets that a client is invested in. All portfolios whether individual or from a model have a dual outcome, being the delivery of an outcome and preservation of capital. OCM hates shocks, we know clients hate shocks and therefore we try all we can to avoid shocks by active management and a focus on the dual objectives.

The success of the underlying investment proposition saw the firm awarded a five-star rating for the structure and performance and it is recognised today as a boutique DFM service used as a model portfolio service by 3rd party IFAs on virtually all platforms in the UK.

It is not just about Jason though (unless you really want Jason as your lead adviser). His passion, drive and obsession with perfection are still the core influences in the business. There is today a team of 30 members who are all equally passionate about the OCM culture which Jason glibly refers to as ‘always going the extra mile to ensure every client feels the OCM love’.

He adds, ‘OCM is nothing without its clients and staff equally, so a strong balance in culture between looking after the clients and looking after the staff is the focus of the business. Growth is both organic and perpetual because of our balanced culture’.

With so many Wealth Managers in the market, it is often difficult to identify which will be best for you. At OCM, advisers believe that a good way to find the right firm for you is to look at how it treats its clients. Jason explained that ‘what our clients want to achieve is often deeply personal but always fiercely unique. What they are looking for is someone who can help them to aim high and achieve more. Since 2004, we have been that partner to many high-net-worth individuals, and more recently have started looking after professional sports people through our sports agency division. As both a Chartered Financial Planning firm and a Discretionary Asset Manager we combine the two skills to ensure that both are delivered seamlessly to clients.’

He adds that ‘as a family-run business, we understand the requirements to balance the need to plan and mitigate the loss of capital and income to taxation, with saving for retirement and underpinning the risks of ill health or death. We also know that once financial planning has been done, it is equally as important for us to deliver stable investment returns over the short, medium, and long term, and balance that with protecting capital. It is pointless being a star performer one minute and a fool the next. No one likes shocks, and the need to deliver on agreed outcomes and balance the risks are core principles of our centralised investment proposition. Through our sound and robust investment process, we work with clients and advisers to achieve their goal, as well as constantly reviewing the plan to ensure it is flexible enough to work if the client's circumstances change.’

‘We can demonstrate our results-based philosophy in action and show you how it has enabled our clients to reach their goals. This is recognised by many local and national awards and the fact that we hold the prestigious Chartered status. All our staff are trained to the highest industry standard and we have recently been awarded the Pension Transfer Gold Standard by the PFS.’

Jason concluded by saying that ‘there are no secrets to delivering success. Success is achieved by dedication, hard work, clear focus, process, and experience. We combine those attributes with confidence, dependability, and resoluteness. We are here to help you achieve your objectives and will use all our resources to help make that happen. All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email…’


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