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Barclays Private Bank delivers a truly holistic banking and investment management service for HNW, UHNW and Family Office clients in the UK and internationally. Tailored to each client’s unique requirements, its extensive product offering and network of local and global experts combines the right people, ideas and opportunities to help clients achieve more. Barclays Private Bank understands that wealth means different things to different people. Benefitting from over three centuries of banking experience, it helps clients focus on what’s important and empowers them by tailoring a financial strategy to their individual circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk.


Barclays Private Bank is distinctively positioned to meet the complex and multi-jurisdictional needs of Global clients. A British bank, with a 330 year history, they offer booking capabilities and UHNW solutions in the UK, including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, India, and Europe. Continuing to offer new and interesting global opportunities, Barclays Private Bank utilises the power of the Corporate and Investment Bank which operates in over 40 countries across the globe.


At the heart of each client relationship is a Private Banker, dedicated to gaining an in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs. They bring together a specialist team that supports each client, offering relevant banking, credit, investment, philanthropy and wealth planning solutions. Barclays’ Private Bankers also provide access to a range of specialists from across the Barclays Group, which employs over 80,000 people globally.


Barclays Private Bank’s services can be tailored to suit individual needs. The banking teams are constantly searching for new and exciting investment opportunities, designed to meet clients’ personal and commercial ambitions. By providing direct access to the investment manager, a Barclays Private Bank client can choose exactly how they want to invest. Clients can delegate day-to-day management of their portfolio to the award winning discretionary portfolio management team who will curate the right portfolio for their individual circumstances. With specialist investment managers across every major asset class, Barclays Private Bank provides superior service, whatever the investment environment. Each client has access to a team of expert wealth planners and partners to help them navigate the regulatory environment across the UK and a variety of international jurisdictions. To experienced investors, Barclays Private Bank offers unrivalled access to foreign exchange, equity and xed income markets on an execution-only basis, working across its global network.


Barclays Private Bank banking and credit specialists are on hand to help finance complex purchases, pursue an exciting investment idea or hedge risk. Their credit, cash and liquidity team can create a personalised solution, from deposit accounts and cards to securitiesbacked financing and structured credit. So, whether you’re planning to buy property in the French Riviera, purchase a piece of prime London real estate or take advantage of an investment opportunity, they’ll discuss what options you have available.


From climate change and demographic shifts to educational inequality and gender bias, an increasing amount of private capital is being dedicated to addressing these and other global challenges. Through impact investing, Barclays Private Bank clients have an opportunity to protect and grow their assets while supporting innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. For those investors who recognise every investment they make has an impact, Barclays Private Bank facilitates making a positive contribution to the world by identifying impact investments across asset classes, as well as constructing full impact portfolios. Barclays’ impact investing solutions support individuals and families, as well as their foundations and charities. All bankers can identify the issues that matter most to clients, and match these with the most appropriate impact investment opportunities.


Barclays Private Bank also supports HNW and UHNW clients who wish to develop their philanthropic vision with a bespoke philanthropy service. This service offers access to guidance from their specialist in-house philanthropy adviser, bespoke literature and reports as well as forums that provide insight into the world of philanthropy. Last year, Barclays Private Bank commissioned the ‘Barriers to Giving’ report, a comprehensive look into what high net worth individuals (HNWI) and charities view as their greatest obstacles to philanthropy in the UK. This was accompanied by a Smarter Giving magazine for clients which included interviews and articles focused on current philanthropy trends.


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United Kingdom

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