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Rupert Patrick


WhiskyInvestDirect was set up in July 2014 by former Diageo commercial director (Africa Regional Markets) Rupert Patrick, who has 30 years in the business, to change the status quo. The firm's offering enables ‘anyone to own maturing Scotch whisky’ in an industry where ‘historically, only distillers and blenders benefited from the good returns’.

Private investors can buy quality whiskies at wholesale prices and economies of scale mean that users, the firm says, benefit from ‘exceptionally low costs’ to store their whisky in the original distiller’s bonded warehouse. Users buy and sell their spirit via a peer-to-peer trading exchange where 'transparent and competitive prices are provided 24/7 by other users and industry bidders'. As of February 2021 there are over 11 million LPA maturing in more than 75,000 casks available to trade on the platform and since 2015 three actual example accounts have returned between 27.3 per cent and 59.7 per cent.

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