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Ecurie Bertelli


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Robert Blakemore


Co-founded by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Ecurie Bertelli is not just another brick in the wall when it comes to Aston Martins. As the world’s foremost specialist in pre-WWII models, the firm boasts over 40 years’ experience selling, servicing and restoring. ‘I love the individuality of each car,’ says MD Robert Blakemore. ‘When they were in production, they changed the design throughout and each car is absolutely unique.’ Pre-war Astons are small in supply, and Blakemore knows where each model is. ‘We do sometimes find it difficult to source vehicles, but because we have the reputation we do, when people want to sell, they tend to come to us,’ he says.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Classic Car Advisers

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