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Rachel Doerr


Rachel Doerr set up her eponymous firm to ‘create a truly independent and niche business. I saw the need in the market for choice and independence. We provide such a degree of personal attention that clients can be completely confident in the service being offered for the valuation of fine art, jewellery, watches, classic cars and more,’ she says.

David Dallas joined Doerr as a shareholder and CEO in 2019. Dallas brings his wealth of industry experience and contacts and, together with Doerr, will be focusing on the growth and future of the company. Her team includes internationally regarded specialists who value all categories of fine art, antique furniture, Asian and Indian art, wine, cars, jewellery, watches, general contents and more for the purposes of insurance, probate, tax planning, divorce and sales.

Clients include ‘CEOs of major corporations, MDs, board members, authors, actors, celebrities, politicians, sport stars, accountants, MPs, surgeons, hedge-fund owners, and business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the world’. All have private homes with valuable assets, or corporate collections, trusts or foundations. The firm is valued by clients for its service.

‘Service has always been my passion,’ adds Doerr, who began her career in 1989 at Phillips.

‘I always say I’m the worst client, as I have such high expectations. It’s not rocket science – you just treat people the way you want to be treated, and communicate.’

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Art Advisers


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