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Angela Cox




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Angela Cox


Spear's Review

Angela Cox is an award-winning behavioural change, life and business coach, operating in London and Bedfordshire. She maintains an international client base, aided by the use of video calls in her practice. ‘I guide clients to escape self-sabotage and find freedom, fulfilment and flourish. I use neuroscience-based techniques and my empathic nature, allowing them to identify and re-record the subconscious programmes before helping them to grow into a truly authentic version of themselves,’ she says. She also has group programmes and transformational retreats called Metreat.

In 2018, Cox was a director of a consulting firm, spending most of her time executive coaching. ‘I was coaching senior leaders and executives and if there is one thing I noticed more than anything else, it was that they would all confide in me about personal stuff, traumas, tragedies, divorce, the lot,’ Cox tells Spear’s.

Adviser Profile

Angela is the 'Go To' Executive Life Coach for successful leaders and entrepreneurs, and she is hired by private clients and corporate firms all over the world. If you are wanting to reach your ultimate potential, Angela is the coach for you.

As a former executive strategist, she knows what it takes to work at senior levels and she understands the demands of balancing a senior role with having a family.

It was through her own whole-life transformation in 2016/17 that Angela created her coaching practice and she was in demand from day one.

Trained at Masters level in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, Angela also studied Executive Coaching at Cambridge University, is accredited by the Association for Coaching at Master level and holds ten other accreditations in therapeutic and behavioural change modalities.

A shockingly straightforward, no-nonsense northerner, Angela is not the coach for you if you are interested in having your ego boosted. She will work with you and your subconscious to identify and unlock the shackles that prevent you from fulfilling your potential, blending a good deal of backbone with a lot of heart. She will enable you to find true authenticity, crush the ego, and access genuine self-assured belief.

Angela is currently on a mission to disrupt the world of executive coaching through her research as part of a doctoral degree. She believes today's executives need more challenge to lead and build businesses in the uncertain world we live in and the current coaching models don't deliver this.

She has a genuine desire to help people be better in all aspects of life, and her infectious energy is noted by everyone she works with. If you need to get unstuck, Angela is the coach for you.

Rank: Top Recommended

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