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Gerrard Tyrrell


‘We use the law to protect our clients’ information, reputation and security, often on a global basis,’ says Gerrard Tyrrell, who counts numerous household names as clients, including the Royal Family. ‘The philosophy of the firm is best summed up by the statement made when it was founded: “We do interesting work for interesting people”,’ the Queen’s lawyer adds.

‘We also assist in helping to protect the integrity, accuracy and availability of our clients’ information,’ he adds. ‘We represent the owners and executives of some of the world’s most high-profile companies and their founders, as well as some of the world’s best-known celebrities.’

A senior partner and head of the media and information group at the firm, Tyrrell specialises in law relating to the creation, protection and use of information. The department deals with all aspects of information law, covering defamation, breach of privacy, copyright, data laws and the media. ‘We are highly and uniquely experienced in dealing with the legal issues in our specialist areas faced by leading individuals, family offices, global corporations and brands,’ Tyrrell says.

‘The last 12 months have continued to be exceptionally busy both for me personally and for my group,’ says Tyrrell. ‘We aim to work with clients on a strategic basis, taking a long-term view of our clients’ aims and then devising strategies with them as to how to achieve their objectives. The work in which we have been involved continues to be ground-breaking, and is regularly commented upon in the media.’ The speed of response is crucial, and Tyrrell is known for being proactive. ‘By the time you’re in court, you’re probably too late and you’re dealing with a tarnished reputation,’ he explains. ‘The real art is in making sure that never happens in the first place.’

Tyrrell began as a media and entertainment litigator, before his caseload expanded – famously, he represented Virgin Atlantic when the airline sued British Airways in 1993 over a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign. He has also won privacy and copyright cases for the Royal Family. ‘Ultimately, a good lawyer is someone who can analyse a problem and actually come up with a solution that the client wants,’ he says.

‘Gerrard is particularly well known for his extensive work with the Royal Family and similar high profile figures… and UHNW individuals in relation to the protection of their business and family life,’ the firm says. It is no wonder that Spear’s crowned him the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Achievement award for his dedication to ‘protecting and preserving the reputations of others’.

Rank: Top Ten

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