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CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Wealth & Investing

P2P Lenders


London, United Kingdom

Asset class

Alternative assets

Sector focus

Investments and Asset Management

Retail Banking and Lending


Anil Stocker


Anil Stocker co-founded the world’s largest P2P invoice finance platform (formerly known as MarketInvoice) in 2011, and has worked with many company CFOs while working in financial services in his early twenties. Fulfilling his ambition to combine technology and data to reinvent how businesses finance their growth, he has provided £2.5 billion in loans and invoices funded – helping firms overcome the lengthy payment terms of their customers, offering a choice of two cashflow solutions. The Pro option offers an open funding line of up to £4 million, secured against outstanding invoices; Select lets a business decide on an invoice-by-invoice basis which invoices they want to finance. The SME offering is ‘breathing fresh life into outdated financial products’, the firm says.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2021, P2P Lenders

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