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Stuart Law

P2P is actually the oldest type of lending; people with excess capital lending to others,’ says Assetz Capital CEO Stuart Law. The Manchesterbased fintech firm has funded 60 per cent more loans in 2019 than in the previous five years combined, lending over £820 million to British businesses alone. The majority of the £300 million it lent last year were development loans, leading to the construction of 1,706 homes.

Assetz Capital is the UK’s number two P2P lender to businesses and largest P2P property lender. Law tells Spear’s: ‘Our borrowers typically borrow in the £100k to £2 million range. We lend to credit-worthy big businesses, regardless of sector.’ He is clear on the firm’s ethos: ‘From the very beginning, we focused on the “fin” part of fintech,’ he says.

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