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CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Wealth & Investing


London, United Kingdom

Advice type

Crypto-assets strategy

Asset class


Alternative assets

Sector focus

Investments and Asset Management



Ryan Radloff

Ryan Radloff, CoinShares CEO, campaigns for professionalisation of the cryptocurrency sector, aiming to bring access and choice to investors. Radloff had previously worked in financial technology, particularly corporate FX risk management. He came across bitcoin in its early days, seeing its potential as a global reserve currency which was equity based, rather than debt backed. As a passionate student of macro-economics, Radloff theorised after 2008 that as a result of negatively compounding national debt levels, equity-based digital money would increasingly find a place. Bitcoin, with its secure decentralised blockchain network, is on its way to fulfilling that promise.
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Top Recommended 2020, Wealth & Investing

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