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Von Halasz Consulting


Wealth & Investing


London, United Kingdom

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Crypto reputation management

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Alternative assets

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Financial professionals

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Investments and Asset Management



Joachim von Halasz

‘Once I understood the internet captures value in the applications layer, but blockchain captures it in the protocol layer, I saw the potential of blockchain,’ Joachim von Halasz tells Spear’s. ‘Today’s supply chain specialists hold the keys to many future blockchain applications.’

With over 20 years’ experience in reputation management, investor and global media relations, Von Halasz advises crypto and blockchain clients in London, Zug, Frankfurt and Zurich on global media relations, regulations, ICOs and fundraising. His clients include crypto investment funds, crypto information gateways, blockchain applications and private equity funds investing in pre ICOs and re-listings of undervalued ICOs from weak to strong exchanges.

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Top Recommended 2020, Wealth & Investing

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