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Randi Weaver


‘My approach is that of an educator, researcher and supporter,’ says Randi Weaver, founder and philanthropy adviser at the Good Giving Consulting.

The firm works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, sports people and entertainers in the UK to fulfil their desire to ‘give back’ to their communities. The firm seeks total transparency within beneficiary charities, so donors can see exactly how their money is being used, while also giving them the chance to have a say in deployment.

Such a personalised approach means she works very closely with every client, designing a personalised giving programme and assisting with budget-setting, beneficiary selection, risk assessment and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

‘The final decisions are for the donor to make,’she adds.‘I ensure the donor has all the information and tools necessary to make and own these decisions. I want to save the donor time by taking on all of the administrative tasks, freeing up the donor/family to focus on the beneficiary charities, amounts and desired outcomes.’

Recently becoming the first graduate of Sports Philanthropy at George Washington University to live and work in the UK or Europe, she says: ‘Professional sportspeople are HNW individuals with a keen interest in giving time, money and image to good causes. They are key influencers, as well, with huge social media impact.’

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