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Emma Turner


Emma Turner has been involved in the charitable sector since the start of her professional life, when she spent ten years fundraising for Action on Addiction. She then spent a decade as executive director of Goldman Sachs’ Charitable Services Group, before joining Barclays as head of their philanthropy service, a position she has held since 2008.

Turner’s duties revolve around ‘making clients smarter givers.’ She ‘encourages and educates clients and their families to achieve their philanthropic aspirations through individual conversations, bespoke literature and exclusive events’, and seeks to ‘reset their compass’ so they can undertake their wealth journey with a strong philanthropy strategy. She walks clients through the process of giving, advising on the difference between foundations and DAFs and how to include the next generation in their philanthropy.

The career highlights have come thick and fast.Turner is particularly proud of The Smarter Giving campaign produced in November 2019, an initiative that commissioned research on the barriers to giving, which then helped clients and charities to think about how money is given and raised.

‘I understand motivation, aspiration, inspiration and frustration in equal measure,’ says Turner. ‘My approach is always to listen to and learn from our clients, ask where they have come from, where they are and where they want to go. Every client teaches me something new, so every outcome is different.’

In her 30-year career in philanthropy, she has learnt a lot about giving from all sides of the room. Testament to this is the fact that Turner was asked to give a Tedx Talk at Zuriberg in 2018. She has also been profiled in the Financial Times, where she was described as ‘a kind of Mary Poppins of the money world’.

Ultimately, however, it is about facilitating some of the most fulfilling moments of her clients’ financial lives. ‘People decide to give for lots of reasons,’ says Turner. ‘It could be social conscience, faith, family, a key life event, they want to make the world a better place, or they have a theory of change that they want to pursue.’ It is rewarding, therefore, to ‘see them enjoy their philanthropy, because they have planned what they want to do and are clear on what they want to achieve.’

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