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Prism the Gift Fund




Family Fortunes & Philanthropy


London, United Kingdom

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Investments and Asset Management


Anna Josse


Prism the Gift Fund, a charity which administers the giving of individuals, groups and foundations making significant gifts to charities all over the world, has increased both its income and its contributions in the last year. Prism has raised over £40 million and they have distributed over £32 million, says its Founder and CEO Anna Josse. In addition, Josse feels that due to the increased regulation in the charitable sector, more donor advised funds (DAFs) are emerging in the market, as donors realise ‘how complex it is to set up their own charity or grant making foundations. Costs are high, trustees need to have good legal knowledge – and therefore more donors are using a DAF,’ Josse explains.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Family Fortunes & Philanthropy

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