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Ten Years' Time


CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Family Fortunes & Philanthropy


London, United Kingdom

Advice type


Sector focus

Investments and Asset Management


Jake Hayman

One of the coolest things about Jake Hayman, the CEO of Ten Years’ Time is what he does in his spare time: coaching poker to beginners who want to enter the wild world of the casino tournaments. Spear’s hasn’t yet had any tips, but we’re sure to ask.

When he’s not advising people on how to star in the next World Series of Poker, he’s advising philanthropists on helping them develop their expertise in philanthropy rather than ‘doing the work for them or just

charity match-making’. He adds: ‘It’s easy to give a donor a great

giving charity project that fits their perfect interests, ideas and

passions overnight. Any fundraiser turned philanthropy advisor can do that but it won’t lead to any difference in the world.’ This has led to working with young philanthropists as well as putting a mini-commercial incubator in the office for people with ‘ideas that we think will change the world’.

Speaking of incubators, Hayman’s preparing to become a dad for the first time, so he spends a lot of time in discussion with his girlfriend about baby boy names. ‘I want “Ted”, she wants “Lysander” — I don’t know how this ends,’ he says. Who will blink first?

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