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Family Fortunes & Philanthropy


London, United Kingdom

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Investments and Asset Management


Fiona Halton

Philanthropic visionary and first Red Nose Day co-director Fiona Halton today works HNWs and companies to help them make giving a win/win for all concerned. ‘I want individual donors to feel excited about their giving,’ Halton says, ‘to be at their most effective and enjoy the experience. I want companies to understand how best they can involve all their people in giving, how it can work for them as well as those they are helping.’ She continues to develop innovative philanthropic ventures. Inspired by Social Venture Partners (SVP), a US network which brings together donors, non-profits and social enterprises, Halton has set up a chapter in London (SVPL). She continues to work with individuals and companies on a bespoke or one-off basis.
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Top Recommended 2020, Family Fortunes & Philanthropy

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