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The Funding Network


CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Family Fortunes & Philanthropy


London, United Kingdom

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Sector focus

Investments and Asset Management

Theatres and Entertainment Venues


Céline Gagnon

Chief executive of The Funding Network (TFN) Céline Gagnon has some ten years’ experience in the charity sector, mainly as a fundraiser and largely in the area of the performing arts. A great theatre enthusiast, her past projects include overseeing development at the Tricycle Theatre in North West London. Since 2016 she has run TFN, a crowdfunding body for charities and social enterprises, which has so far helped support over 1,500 charities and other organisations. ‘It is a time to assess and reflect on what we do well [and] where we can do better after 16 years of funding social change projects,’ she says. ‘There is a continuing need to champion grassroots projects which… address real, local needs.’
Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Family Fortunes & Philanthropy

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