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Philanthropy Insight


CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Family Fortunes & Philanthropy

Philanthropy Advisers


London, United Kingdom

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Investments and Asset Management


Jo Ensor


'As inequality grows within our communities and globally, I see more philanthropists seeking to identify root causes and change systems, and seeking to understand their impact,’ says Jo Ensor. The CEO and founder of Philanthropy Insight (Pi) provides education and strategy advice to philanthropists and their families in London and around the world. She has led deep learning journeys to Nepal, to look at modern day slavery; Jordan, to identify strategic interventions in the refugee crisis; and northern Canada to address indigenous land rights. She has identified an increased commitment to ‘tackling complex social problems, and developing strategies that seek to identify gaps in policy and practice’.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Philanthropy Advisers

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