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CEO—Chief Executive Officer


Wealth & Investing


London, United Kingdom

Advice type

Impact investing


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Sector focus

Financial Services

Investments and Asset Management


Rodney Schwartz

ClearlySo was established to help HNWs who want to make an impact with their social investments do so… and it’s really taking off.

‘We’re have never enjoyed faster client growth and our pipeline of deals is growing faster than ever,’ the company’s CEO Rodney Schwartz tells Spear’s. He adds that raising capital is ‘easier than ever’, adding that as the size of deals increases, institutions are beginning to take interest.

But the biggest thing for him isn’t so much about the financial return, it’s the impact it can make. ‘Financial return is fine, but you get to a point where it is not sufficient,’ he says. ‘I want my money to make a positive impact’.

Positive impact and good intentions matched with business nous seem to have done ClearlySo the power of good. Schwartz was an early investor in JustGiving, which he still describes as his most successful investment financially, but more importantly, over $4 billion has gone through the portal en route to help charities.

One of his biggest frustrations have been the UK exit markets, which he believes are not wide enough. ‘Players up and down the chain still try to exploit earlier stage investors, rather than building the ecology of venture investing with a mind to long-term success for all of us.’

Away from the office, he enjoys skiing and tennis, and lately his brain has taken a fancy to reading about the Ottoman and Habsburg empires.

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