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Octopus Investments


Wealth & Investing

Business Angels


London, United Kingdom

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Investment management

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Financial Services

Investments and Asset Management


Alex Macpherson


Angel investors play a valuable role in helping entrepreneurs to establish themselves as big global businesses, believes Alex Macpherson, venture partner at Isomer Capital. But, as he once told Spear's, ‘making an investment is [only] getting to the start line’. Then the hard work really begins.

Macpherson co-founded Octopus Ventures, and left the firm in 2019. His approach at Octopus hinged on 'backing people who can go out and create a big business’. And what qualifies as a big business? One 'that can be grown to hundreds of millions of pounds worth of value.’

Octopus invested in Zoopla Property Group during the icy grip of the sub-prime crisis; five years later the business debuted on the London Stock Exchange. In 2018 it was acquired by US venture capital firm Silver Lake for $2.2 billion.

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