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James Murray


A guardian of the client-centric culture the firm has forged since its inception over 41 years ago, Frank Hirth’s board director says the firm are ‘focused problem solvers and trusted advisers.’ Murray has spent years advising clients with non-US business interests, navigating exposure to Controlled Foreign Corporation and Passive Foreign Investment Company legislation, advising on the use of ‘Check the Box’ elections and appropriate US tax filing options.

He is proud of the unity between practitioners that has created a collaborative working style, as over 150 tax professionals serve a diverse international client base. ‘The entire firm contributes and shares in its success, which is why we have a “1 P&L” approach,’ he says.

Murray notes that Frank Hirth is ‘the longest-standing specialist US/ UK tax firm’, and growth figures in 2019 have proved to be ‘excellent’, with an influx of new clients – thanks in part to Murray’s active role in prompting consultations with prospective HNWs.

Recent years have seen Murray spend more time working with individuals in the financial services sector, in particular those in the fund manager space, and advising those impacted by changes to the carried interest legislation in the UK and the subsequent US/UK tax interactions. Many of his clients are exposed to tax in both the US and the UK as they have become deemed domiciled in the UK, so understanding the interaction between these jurisdictions is vital.

The secret to Frank Hirth’s success is its unique grasp of the complexities of tax from both a US and a UK perspective, especially as pressures mount from both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, the Deemed Domicile ruling for income and capital gains tax challenged clients who have resided in the UK for a prolonged period of time, while President Trump’s tax reform had a ‘seismic’ effect upon how US-linked individuals with offshore businesses would be taxed. It was an opportunity to ‘showcase our capabilities as “dual handlers”,’ Murray says. Brexit has also played a part, fuelling further conversations with HNWs who considered leaving for the US, as well as those who were rethinking their US citizenship.

Recent events have given Murray more clients with issues linked to the asset management and financial services sectors, keeping the adviser engaged and happily busy. It’s the variety that gets him out of bed each day. ‘More often than not, clients will be very successful in their own industry but not familiar with some of the nuances and traps that the US/UK tax world can present,’ he says. ‘They are grateful for someone who can take the lead in navigating them.’

Rank: Recommended

Recommended 2020, Tax & Trust Accountants


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