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Dixon Wilson




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London, United Kingdom

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Tax planning

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David Mellor


Spear’s Review

As well as the technical expertise and understanding Dixon Wilson’s David Mellor provides, he hopes to be as honest and upfront as possible, recognising the conduit role advisers have in transferring tax legislation to clients. ‘I try hard to avoid jargon,’ he says. ‘We are dealing with complicated things.

’Clients have really got to understand what we are suggesting, getting to grips with it rather than just being accepting of the advice. That’s the way to happy clients — the other aspect is making sure we can understand what clients are looking for.’ He says openness also applies when dealing with HMRC, helping to maintain the integrity of a reputation that has kept clients for more than two decades.

Adviser Profile

David's approach is to ensure that he develops a full understanding of his clients' wishes and needs to ensure he can give them the right advice. David believes that communication is key to this to ensure that the client is able to express their wishes clearly and understands the advice, and its impact.

David believes that keeping things as simple as possible is a vital ingredient to the advice he gives, and that it is always important to avoid unnecessary complexity. This helps to reduce costs and improve understanding, as well as provide flexibility for the future. This is important where changes in tax policy are frequent and less predictable than in the past.

David is a keen advocate of tax simplification.

Rank: Top Recommended

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