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Alistair Bambridge


Alistair Bambridge’s eponymous business has spilled into two locations since its launch 15 years ago. The London office focuses on providing US tax reporting for American citizens living overseas, as well as UK tax reporting for creatives and US expats in the UK. In New York, the focus is on creatives in America and their US reporting, and UK/US reporting for UK expats in the US.

‘Setting up the offices in London and New York were catalysts for developing the business and allowing us to grow and bring in additional staff,’ says Bambridge. Since 2018, the owner’s focus has been to grow the client base in the US, and the last 12 months have revealed that there is high demand for advice rather than just tax preparation services both in the US and UK. ‘That is becoming a significant part of the business,’ he continues. ‘Especially since March 2020, the majority of my time each day is calls with clients, providing advice.’

Bambridge’s efforts towards expansion have paid off; in 2020, his firm was listed in the Financial Times America’s Fastest Growing Companies, ranking 83rd out of 500, and as the highest-ranking tax or accounting firm.

‘We have developed a niche where we are able to advise on both UK and US taxes and are able to provide reporting in both countries, especially with reporting that comes with living overseas and the additional forms that need to be filed each year,’ Bambridge continues. ‘Clients can have a holistic approach rather than having separate accounting firms.’

This integrated approach means that Bambridge Accountants is able to do everything from advising US expats on their US reporting, including foreign corporations and partnerships and passive foreign investment companies, to providing expertise in foreign bank and financial account reporting under the FATCA legislation.

‘The firm is set up so each client will have a dedicated manager who will build a relationship with the client and will have a thorough understanding of their personal situation and plans for the future,’ the owner elaborates. ‘US taxes are complex, and adding in UK reporting can be very technical. Our style is to explain the rules to clients so they understand the reporting requirements and feel in control and that they are compliant in the US and UK.’

Rank: Recommended

Recommended 2020, Tax & Trust Accountants


7 Henrietta Street, London, WC2E 8PS, United Kingdom




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