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Iain Younger


Covering ‘a full range of issues’ concerning private clients and offering ‘proactive, planning-based’ advice , Iain Younger aims to provide his clients with ‘pro-active planning based upon a clear understanding of their goals for themselves and their families’, identifying opportunities and potential pitfalls while creating the most efficient solutions.

The growth in the US international market and the complexity of FATCA and CRS regulations in recent years has led to high demand for complex, technical knowledge. ‘A lack of experience when making decisions could become expensive for the client,’ Younger explains.

He joined Frank Hirth’s audit team in 2000, and has built the trust and estates service within its private client offering during his 20-year career at the firm. He joined the board of directors in 2016, and personally covers numerous areas of US and UK taxation for individuals and families, offering specialist advice relating to FATCA reporting. A 19-year mentorship under late chairman Paul Hocking provided him with invaluable experience of the private client space.

Today, Younger is part of a 230-strong team operating as a partnership, with ‘strong foundations and technical excellence embedded’. ‘It was a testament to the strength and depth we have built within the firm,’ says Younger. ‘The next generation of leaders will continue the legacy started by Hocking.’

The trusted adviser is proud of the collegiate atmosphere at Frank Hirth, which has given him the confidence to grow. ‘My colleagues, all truly trusted advisers, encouraged me to reflect my own personality in service,’ he says, ‘I recall speaking up at a client meeting with a director and offering a different thought into the discussion – it contributed to the eventual advice given.’

Younger advises HNWs across a diverse range of generations, industries, backgrounds, and wealth levels. ‘What binds them together is the complexity of the US and/or UK “foreign tax” exposure. It’s in those complex situations that we add value,’ he says. Dealing with clients with a US nexus has been the firm’s focus since 1975 and, as a result, it offers ‘unrivalled’ training in this complex area.

Younger is a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser, a US Enrolled Agent and a member of STEP, and a trustee of NPT-Transatlantic, dealing with effective charitable giving for US- and UK-connected individuals and families. He is a proud trustee of the National Philanthropic Transatlantic, exposing him to the wider philanthropic landscape, which proves useful when advising clients with philanthropic interests.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Tax & Trust Accountants

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