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Chris Moorcroft


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‘Helping individuals manage the complexity and burden associated with holding vast wealth’ is how Chris Moorcroft describes his role at Harbottle & Lewis, where he is a partner specialising in private client and personal tax work.

Moorcroft advises UHNW individuals and families on wealth planning and succession matters. His remit is broad: as well as covering the use of estate planning vehicles such as companies, trusts and foundations designed to manage the passing of wealth from one generation to another. He also provides legal, tax and strategic advice to wealthy individuals on their private affairs. Liaising with the trustees and banks’ service clients, Moorcroft is also able provide advice on will planning and probate involving assets spread across jurisdictions.

Adviser Profile

Moorcroft advises UHNW individuals and families on wealth planning and succession matters. He has a heavy focus on the transition of wealth between generations and a very international practice. Clients come from around the world, but increasingly Moorcroft focuses on the US, telling Spear’s that the opportunity is unparalleled. ‘The number of wealthy families with connections to the US is enormous. Combined with the complexity of the rules, and the way that they interact with other complex rules in the UK and others, the need for sophisticated legal advice is very significant. I have a broad US-spanning practice, from Miami to Seattle.’

He is at the forefront of lawyers discussing the transfer of wealth to younger generations, particularly those classed as ‘millennials’ and ‘generation Z’. This is a booming area, Moorcroft tells Spear’s. ‘Practitioners have been talking about the great wealth transition for years. It’s now happening. Around the world, trillions of dollars’ worth of assets are being passed down the generations, often to heirs that have a completely different outlook and set of values to their elders. So understanding the motivations of those generations is key.’

Part of those motivations include an interest in the world of sustainable investing, an area in which Moorcroft is increasingly seen as an expert. ‘I have a real interest in how we in the private client industry can help unlock the world’s capital, particularly those assets sitting in private trusts, for greater good.’ One of the barriers is perceived additional fiduciary risk for the trustee making the investments, Moorcroft tells Spear’s, and he is a keen advocate for law change in this area. ‘Fiduciary risk is an issue that needs to and can be addressed with law change and offshore jurisdictions should be leading the way. They mustn’t allow themselves to get left behind.’

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