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Payne Hicks Beach




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London, United Kingdom

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Rosamond McDowell


Rosamond McDowell’s ‘mixed practice’ is about half onshore and half offshore, dealing with wealth, tax, death and planning-related issues. Her clients are global in their geography and eclectic in their backgrounds, but she does, she says, gravitate towards clients she gets on with personally. ‘My theory on private client work is that you end up advising people who get on with you and like you. It’s symbiotic,’ she says. As for Covid and the road ahead, McDowell doesn’t like to speculate. However, she ‘can’t imagine any government, whether it’s Tory or Labour, wanting to introduce a new tax just at the moment when everybody’s desperate for money to start flowing again’.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, Tax & Trust Advisers

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