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Taylor Vinters


Senior Counsel



Tax & Trust Advisers

Tax Lawyers


London, United Kingdom

Advice type

Succession planning

Tax planning

Tax, wills & trusts

Client types

City professionals



Sector focus


Business and Consumer Services


Fiona Lewsey


Fiona Lewsey’s role is to advise City professionals and entrepreneurs on their wills, estate planning and trusts. She has a particular expertise in formulating tax-efficient strategies to protect worldwide estates and ensure smooth succession to future generations.

‘Many of my clients have assets in multiple jurisdictions, especially southern Europe and the US, and I coordinate their cross-border estate planning so the advice dovetails,’ she explains.

Lewsey has also been busy growing the firm’s in-house estate-planning surgeries for leading professional partnerships in London. ‘The surgeries represent a simple, effective and convenient way for the partners to put their private wealth affairs in order,’ she explains.

A History graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Lewsey joined Taylor Vinters as a trainee in 2009 and has built up a loyal client base, most of whom are City professionals and entrepreneurs, which is in keeping with the clientele of the firm as a whole.

Taylor Vinters has a deep-rooted history of working with HNWs, in particular those with large landed estates, as well as entrepreneurial businesses at the centre of the world-famous innovation system in Cambridge.

Lewsey’s typical approach, she says, is ‘to gain a detailed understanding of a client’s requirements and evolving situation, so that I can proactively advise on how to best achieve their objectives.’

Many happy clients have gone on to introduce her to their family and friends, the ultimate affirmation of a job well done. ‘Fiona stands out,’ says one such satisfied customer. ‘She has sound technical skills, combined with interpersonal qualities that make her an important part of the legal advisory resource that we need.’

Lewsey derives huge satisfaction from the job. ‘I love getting to know my clients, the nuances of their family and estate and their evolving objectives,’ she says. ‘There’s never a dull moment. It’s an honour to be trusted to provide peace of mind on such personal issues.’

Lewsey notes a growing interest in philanthropy (and on impact in particular) and in family stewardship when it comes to passing on wealth – ‘it’s not just about saving tax. It’s about doing the right thing bearing in mind the family’s personal aims and circumstances,’ she says.

Rank: Recommended