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Buxton Property




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Oxford, United Kingdom

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Rural estates

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Real Estate



Adam Buxton


‘Workplaces are changing and people aren’t as tied to London as they used to be,’ says Adam Buxton. ‘Broadband speeds are increasing all the time and fibre optic has been rolled out in quite remote areas, so people are willing to look a bit further away from the train stations,’ he says. In 2020 he left Middleton to strike out on his own and founded Buxton Property Consultancy which operates across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Many properties Buxton secures lately are bought off- market; one was in competition with eight other buyers, six of whom were represented by buying agents. ‘Anyone trying to buy without some form of assistance is going to miss out, he says. ‘Access to information is key.’ Buxton has always lived in the countryside and prides himself on his understanding of the rural life, from lambing to horse riding.

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Top Recommended 2021, Country Specialists

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