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Jenny Tozer


Spear's Review

Jenny Tozer started out in the industry in 2000 by setting up a company offering investment advice to women. ‘There was a genuine gap in the market and I went in to make a difference,’ she says.

It’s certainly worked: the investment manager, who has a focus on strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction, now looks after a broad range of clients from entrepreneurs to large first, second and third-generation families.

All Tozer’s clients deal with multiple issues, from inheritance planning to the growth of a business – she says 90 per cent of her time involves conversations around family structures ‘than it is about whether I buy Apple or Microsoft’, adding that for families, it’s far more important that a manager combines both the emotional elements of investment management with the financial ones. She is proud of the fact that ‘100 per cent of clients come from referrals’. And, she adds: 'I say this with a huge degree of thanks and appreciation.'

She joined LGT Vestra (then Vestra Wealth) in 2009 after spending a decade with management consultants Booz Allen & Hamilton specialising in global asset management and financial services.

Adviser Profile

Australian-born investment manager Jenny Tozer has found a home in LGT Vestra's strong collegiate environment, which nurtures empathy among staff – a crucial trait in this specialised advisory sphere. 'It's a people business – in a partnership structure we're aligned with our clients,' she explains, adding that service is core to the firm's ethos of providing complex UHNWs with a wide range of specialised solutions.

'We are responsible stewards' says Jenny. Performance matters to the adviser. Although 2020 has been a challenging time for investors, the firm thrives by maintaining a global focus. Significant exposure to the acceleration of the digitalisation process has paid significant dividends.

LGT Vestra specialises in the long game – often advising multiple generations. Investment is about making well researched, sensible decisions and fundamentally building trust. Tozer’s clients know what to expect, as the adviser says, ‘I don't do surprises’.

She has been investing with an integrated ESG approach for many years. ‘It is quite clear that companies with aligned (and measurable) ESG metrics will become the winning opportunities for the future. We want to feel good about how we invest - impact matters’. Her clients often deal with multiple issues, from estate planning to the growth challenges of a business. 'We want clients to enjoy their wealth. There's no point having it otherwise,' she adds.

A PPE graduate, Jenny started as a stockbroker in the mid-80s, in EM equities, before spending 10 years with management consultants Booz Allen Hamilton, focusing on global asset management and financial services. She entered the wealth management industry in 2000 by setting up a company offering investment advice to women. 'I wanted to make a difference,’ she says.

Her qualifications include an MBA (IMD) and FCA MCSI/FPC. 'Financial planning advice itself may not be gender specific,' adds Tozer, 'but the tailoring of that advice is fundamentally different.’

Rank: Top Recommended

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