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Natalia Ramsden


Natalia Ramsden is the founder and managing director of SOFOS Associates, London’s first brain optimisation clinic. The clinic is a highly specialised practice, which works with individuals to enhance cognitive performance, through the application of cutting-edge developments in neuroscience, nootropics, functional medicine and psychology.

The service, which Ramsden describes as ‘unparalleled’ in the market, exists in a hybrid industry between medicine, health and performance. Studies demonstrate that intelligence and motivation are two of the biggest determinants of executive success, yet traditional development tools tend to focus primarily on competency and behaviour. SOFOS Associates has developed ‘a proven approach that improves intelligence as well as overall long-term brain health’, Ramsden says. Such approaches have been gaining momentum in the US, particularly in Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and SOFOS Associates is ‘pioneering this radical new approach’ in the UK market.

‘Our clients are typically high performing individuals who are eager to leverage their full potential,’ Ramsden says. ‘Our service is highly customised and so clients tend to come from various backgrounds. The programme they undergo has been tailored specifically to them and based on their individual results. No two clients have the same experience.’

Advances in technology mean that SOFOS is always developing its client offering. Perhaps the most significant neuroscience development has been the discovery of neuroplasticity, she notes. ‘The brain is in fact malleable and we can encourage change (in structure) which has seen people take a very different and proactive approach to brain health and their cognitive performance. Through a blend of functional medicine, psychological techniques and neuromodulation technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and biofeedback, SOFOS is able to alter the structure of our clients’ brains for the better and generate new neurons.’

Ramsden is pleased to report a ‘remarkable’ year. SOFOS has achieved some ‘fantastic results’ for its clients who have arguably needed the programme’s support more than ever during such testing times in 2020.

Ramsden adds: ‘The ongoing positive feedback from clients we receive across the board is a true validation of the work we do.’

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