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London, United Kingdom

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Paul Welch


When it comes to wealthy individuals and family offices, lending can never be a simple, box-ticking exercise.

That’s the view of Paul Welch, founder and CEO of the award-winning, a provider of mortgages, asset financing, large specialist finance and later life lending to HNWs of all stripes, including family offices, celebrity clients, tech entrepreneurs and Next Gen.

‘We apply a tailored and bespoke approach to every client,’ Welch says. ‘Surprisingly, at least one in 10 people looking for a £1 million+ mortgage get turned down. Feedback suggests this is not due to their finances, it’s because their situations are complex and often not presented in the right way.’

Welch’s team understand the complexities and nuances that have to be considered when it comes to HNWs, which explains ‘why we have such a strong success rate in securing lending solutions tailored to every individuals’ circumstances, no matter how complex. My motto is “never give up”,’ says Welch, whose clients come mainly from the UK, the Middle East and Far East. ‘I am incredibly hands-on and retain oversight of every element of the business. The two things I am passionate about in life are my family and my work.’

Despite the pandemic, Welch says his business has continued to set new records in 2020. He has also launched, a luxury marketplace matching buyers and sellers of yachts, jets, cars, real estate, art and rare and scarce items. ‘The two businesses work in harmony together, having the ability to match people’s desire for specific assets with financing,’ he says.

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