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Andrea Hewitt


‘I pride myself on building a strong connection with my clients, by listening and understanding their search requirements,’ says Andrea Hewitt, a regional partner in Garrington’s Surrey office. ‘I was asked to acquire a property in a specific village in West Sussex. A house came to our attention through targeted letter drops, but the vendor had an unrealistic view of the price, even after we matched his request. We walked away and after a short while acquired a superior house at a comparably better price.’ Hewitt had spoken to the clients enough to know this would most certainly exceed their expectations, without the need to pay excessively more than the market commanded.

‘My primary aim for my clients is to go above and beyond what would be expected,’ she says. ‘That means using every possible resource to achieve the end result with enthusiasm, creativity, a professional, measured approach, negotiation skills and also integrity - a relevant trait given many clients are in the public eye,’ she adds. ‘I want to be able to put my clients at ease that I am expediting their brief with my intuition, my years of experience and my long-standing relationships with relevant industry professionals’.

Within the industry, Hewitt is recognised as the archetype of the local expert: someone who her clients can trust implicitly and understands not only the range of locations, lifestyles and amenities within their patch, but also the longer-term trends within the market itself, and the resilience of different areas. As well as helping clients find their ideal property, Hewitt has built an extensive network of contacts who can help clients get their new life in order – a service that’s increasingly relevant to those clients looking to relocate to large country properties. This includes recommending surveyors, architects, planning consultants, home management companies, and anything else the clients may require.

Hewitt’s property career began in her early twenties, when she started working for one of London’s most well-known estate agents. Within a few years, she had climbed the career ladder and was credited with many high profile sales and instructions for the company.

After 15 years at the peak of the London property market, Hewitt and family moved to Surrey, where she has spent years developing extensive knowledge and impressive local networks within the property industry. After almost 23 years in the industry she continues to be at the forefront of her profession. She tells Spear’s that it’s her passion to strive to be the best, have utmost integrity and exceed expectations, which now drives her career.

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53 Davies Street, London, W1K5JH, United Kingdom

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