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Nicholas Finn


With 20 years in London’s property industry, Nicholas Finn now finds himself exceedingly well-placed to advise on one of the capital’s latest property trends: moving out of it altogether. A personal family move pre-pandemic – to leafy Buckinghamshire – will help him relate to clients looking to leave the city for space, lifestyle or education reasons, or in anticipation of some form of ‘new normal’.

Such an approach would be in line with Finn’s personable approach. Asked to describe his working style, the former asset manager talks about taking time to understand clients’ needs and personality and, from there, ensuring they are appointed to the right member of the team. ‘It is important to listen, understand and ask the appropriate questions to fully immerse yourself in the brief,’ he says. Once the chemistry is correct, Garrington’s role is to support that client’s search directly and provide advice and assistance throughout the acquisition.

Getting the process right requires tight coordination between the London office and those working in the field. The rest is largely having the right experience, strong connections and hard work. ‘A positive attitude and logical approach results in success for both clients and the company,’ he adds. And satisfied clients continue to come back.

His career has not only been defined by pragmatism and hard work, but also the sense to follow his own instincts where necessary. The decision to move from being a successful estate agent to running a property company was, he says, actually the result of several months of reflection – much of it while travelling the world on a short sabbatical.

Since then, his business ownership plan has moved from management and disposals, to the acquisition side. ‘The opportunity to restructure and grow the London Garrington team was pivotal,’ he says, adding that his success in the role led him from regional director to his more recent role as a company-wide director. Seeing the opportunity and lack of quality in the rental sector he then launched and grew Garrington’s separate asset management business, which acts as a high-end, complementary service for the firm’s investment clients.

As a long-term landlord, he sees himself as an advocate for the wider market. ‘I truly understand what is important when it comes to managing property as an asset,’ he says.

Reflecting on the challenges of 2020, he notes how the sudden imposition of home-working has helped the business by giving an even better understanding of each team member’s needs. This, he hopes, will further bolster morale and enhance cohesion, while strengthening the business and services offered.

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53 Davies Street, London, W1K5JH, United Kingdom

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