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Transmission Private




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London, United Kingdom

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Jordan Greenaway


Transmission Private is a PR firm specialising in private clients, working with entrepreneurs, international families and HNWs ‘to develop their public, digital and media profiles, and ensure they support their professional and personal needs,’ says Jordan Greenaway, a partner in the firm.

By focusing on digital profile, strategic positioning and media and other stakeholder engagement, the firm helps clients communicate ‘purpose, mission and value, taking the family beyond a net worth value’. This also encompasses risk management around company and family issues such as divorce, company sales, asset acquisitions and political donations. ‘An individual’s profile can stand in the way of their aspirations – or it can help them achieve their goals,’ says Greenaway, a former parliamentary aide. ‘Too often reputation management is approached through the lens of trying to control what others write. But words written by others can never be fully controlled. Private clients must speak directly to their target audience.’

Greenaway embraces the Internet – which ‘has ended the traditional media’s monopoly on communication’ – to build platforms so clients can communicate directly with target audiences. ‘That may be launching a family office or foundation website,’ says Greenaway, who underscores the importance of bringing in Next Gen family members to create ‘a composite image of the family’. Taking control will help generate ‘a fresh, positive, robust reputation... with the power to keep them straight in the face of a storm’, says Greenaway.

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