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MCIFA Property Finance


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Property Finance Advisers


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Paul Munford


‘The global pandemic took us all by surprise,’ Paul Munford says, adding that as businesses across all markets have been affected ‘in one way or another’, the mortgage market was not spared either. ‘The market slumped, mortgage holidays were introduced, the government were giving away money and we all learned to work remotely,’ he says, adding that MCIFA ‘battened down the hatches and went into survival mode. Our top priority was the health and safety of our clients and our staff, and we moved the entire team to work remotely.’

However, the company demonstrated ‘agility and resilience’ through the pandemic, which Munford says is testament to their professionalism and expertise. Working through this period was most memorable for the seasoned CEO, who had led the firm through the 2008 financial crisis, too. ‘We navigated the pandemic and we are back to full operational status. We are looking forward to working with our clients to the highest level,’ he enthuses.

Regardless of market shocks, Munford, who is one of few with an insider’s view, is still bullish about London’s status as ‘the number one investment for global HNWs’. He warns, though, that it’s not easy territory. ‘Complex and costly tax changes are making technical and expert advice more important than ever, although the reality is that this is a global shift and London is not out of kilter.’

Munford is proud to be among ‘the leading prime property financiers in London for the past 30 years’. The adviser has over three decades’ worth of experience, and specialist skills in the complex and often challenging industry. ‘We assist private clients and property professionals to procure mortgages and finance, in even the most challenging markets, both in the UK and internationally. We thrive on large multi-faceted deals and are highly experienced in arranging finance for complex properties and ownership structures,’ he explains. He remembers the time after graduation when he hesitated between property and horse-racing. ‘My heart wanted racing, but my desire to build a strong business led me to where I am today,’ he says. He is proud of the firm’s stellar reputation, which he says is due to the fact that ‘it is one of London’s longest-standing’ privately owned firms of property brokers. ‘It’s a good place to be,’ he concludes, with a smile.

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