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London, United Kingdom

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Irina Curbelo


Irina Curbelo established Percheron Advisory in 2020 with another experienced family office adviser, David Hawkins. ‘I had noticed that there was too little emphasis upon family business operations - and that this was a large problem given that it is the source of families’ wealth,’ she recalls.

The firm began to sign its first clients in September. While it couldn’t anticipate the Covid-19 outbreak, managing such large disruptions to business continuity is at the heart of what it does, Curbelo says. ‘We have been happy to see a number of UHNWs, family offices and entrepreneurs take this challenge as an opportunity and use it to review their businesses and governance, creating agility and resilience for the long-term.’

While most family offices focus exclusively on wealth management, Percheron Advisory focuses upon the underlying assets that create wealth: family governance and family business operations. Its formulae combine effective family governance (including next gen planning) with resilient business operations and transparent owner/ manager engagement, resulting in multi-gen family wealth transmission.

‘We aim to ensure that family and business risks are reduced significantly to allow wealth to pass down to the next generations,’ Curbelo says. ‘Wealth preservation starts with the family.Too often governance goes wrong, resulting in unmanaged conflict, breakdowns in trust and business damage. Even with functional families, events can overwhelm and destroy value.’

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