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Philip Eddell


Philip Eddell is a linchpin of the rural market. He has forged an impressive career from his ability to assist HNWs in the running of their mansions.

‘We are management consultants on country estates and complex houses – we are there to ensure the client lives happily ever after,’ he says.

The pivotal moment in Eddell’s career was acting for pop superstar Madonna and her then-husband director Guy Ritchie during their (mainly successful) attempt to restrict the right to roam on their estate.

‘It was a good watershed moment to identify ourselves more specifically with the mansion house owner,’ he says.

Lately, he says, ‘We’ve seen good progress in England with significant new instructions in London, Wiltshire and Berkshire.’

One theme of the last year has been a growing awareness of green energy and environmental enhancement. He embraces change, believing ‘untraditional’ estate management to be ‘much more fun and dynamic... an estate is there to support the mansion house, not the other way around.’

New owners have the energy, vision and resources to make things happen quickly, and can employ the best design teams to create the extraordinary.’

His book of clients spans the globe. ‘They don’t suffer fools,’ he says, ‘but once you earn their trust, incredible things happen.’

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