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James Freeman


As the recently appointed head of Charles Russell Speechlys’ family team, James Freeman remains loyal to the approach that drew him to family law in the first place. ‘The most important thing for me is to remember why I got into this, and that was to help people in difficult times,’he says.‘When you’re in practice, that remains the compass. Lose sight of it and you’re sunk.’

Having come from the Speechly Bircham side of the 2014 merger, Freeman regularly advises on all issues arising from divorce and relationship breakdown, with a specialism for difficult and complex cases – including cases with multiple jurisdictions, offshore trusts, hidden assets – and the construction of sophisticated financial settlements.

Prompted to define his approach, he provides two guiding aims: to be clear and supportive, as well as sophisticated and discreet. ‘My clients are often in bewildering situations,’ he says. You have to show them the best way through, and very often walk through it with them. As for discretion, he adds that his clients often come to the firm not only for solutions that others may not be able to find, but also ‘for the certainty that we will keep quiet about them’.

Living up to his reputation as a broad thinker, Freeman gives a candid answer when asked if he has any heroes in the profession. ‘The world really does not need any hero divorce lawyers,’ he says. ‘Anyone still doing legal aid work in family law – or any law really – has my admiration and gratitude.’

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