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Sarah Rowley


‘The diversity of my clients means that no one day is ever the same, which makes my working life extremely interesting and means I am in a privileged position to see what really works and to share new strategies and practical solutions with my clients,’ says Sarah Rowley, head of the growing charities and philanthropy practice at Charles Russell Speechlys.

Rowley is passionate about ensuring her clients smoothly navigate the complexities of charity law.‘Charities have to operate in a highly regulated, sometimes counterintuitive way, and this can frustrate those who wish to found and support them,’ she says.‘I enjoy using my experience of the sector to help HNWs/UHNWs, families, entrepreneurs, and forward thinking businesses to achieve their charitable and philanthropic ambitions, often helping them to establish and run their own charitable foundation, and to give in a tax-efficient way.’

In recent years she’s seen a spike in interest amongst HNW and UHNW families towards philanthropy. ‘I find that clients increasingly recognise that their position and influence brings an opportunity to have an impact on societal inequalities,’ she says, and corporates wish to do more for their stakeholders in line with their business ethos on social responsibility. She remains attuned to the other benefits that her clients derive from philanthropy.‘Philanthropy is usually a good investment for our clients – giving a sense of purpose and opportunity to build family and business values, and increasingly is viewed as an asset class in its own right’, she says.

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