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Ruth Abrams


The only higher aim Ruth Abrams has for her clients other than for them to achieve their objectives, is for them to exceed those objectives. Not only does she hope to ‘make a divorce as painless and as smooth as it can be’, but goes one step further, seeking to see clients ‘grow and become empowered through the process’.

‘My most common feedback from a client is that I have helped them get their life back,’ Abrams says. ‘My favourite feedback is that my style and approach put them at ease and that “it didn’t feel like a divorce”. No divorce is easy, but choosing someone that you can work with and who will push hard for your desired outcome is the way forward.’

Abrams understands that in uncertain times, clients most need reassurance. Other times, she is simply asked to ‘make this go away’. ‘These clients just want their divorce over with and are willing to reach a swift compromise to achieve it,’ she says. Whatever the circumstances of the divorce, clients always report feeling so much better after speaking to Abrams.

‘I need to understand the client and what they want, but it is also vital to understand who I am dealing with on the other side,’ she says. ‘The personality of the client’s spouse and the style of their lawyer will have a fundamental impact on the dynamic of the case. This will inform my approach and strategy on the case.’

Evaluating the personalities on either side helps Abrams size up what sort of case it will be. Where one or both litigants do not ‘play ball’ – they may have unrealistic expectations, something they are not willing to disclose, or simply do not want to agree - a hard-fought battle in court proceedings will be inevitable.

‘These cases require strong, clear and consistent advice,’ says Abrams. ‘Selection of the right barrister for the case will also be critical; experienced counsel are expensive but worth every penny.’ The Keystone partner has proven herself to be that solicitor who can guide clients through contested court proceedings with a calm, confident and unflappable approach.

Abrams’ preferred method, however, is conducting a roundtable meeting with clients and working out a deal. ‘It can take all day, but by the end of that day, the clients walk out of the building knowing that they can move on with their lives,’ she says. She qualifies, however, that there is no single approach that applies to all circumstances. ‘The skill of a good lawyer is to be able to adapt,’ Abrams says. ‘Every case is different, and my approach is tailored to the different requirements of the client.’

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