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Zoë Bloom


Zoë Bloom joined Keystone Law in 2010 as the firm’s very first solicitor specialising in family law. ‘I needed them to accept that their model would work for family law, so I gave them a business plan,’ recalls Bloom. She began work the next week, and has since recruited a team of eight family solicitors with additional paralegal support.

Nominated for the Family Lawyer of the Year award at 2018’s Spear’s Wealth Management Awards, Bloom employs an energetic approach to her practice. Described as part of the ‘new school’of family lawyers, her focus is on outcome rather than process.

Her caseload comprises some of the most complex issues that separating families face, and she is not afraid to take on clients who are already in the middle of proceedings, driving them through to settlement. ‘I am often instructed by clients who are fed up with their cases drifting along aimlessly with no strategy,’ she says. ‘We call it “gentleman’s drift”, and I see it far too often – particularly from clients who have previously instructed some of the more traditional practices.’

Her clients are generally experiencing high conflict relationship breakdown, either because the assets are extremely complicated or the personalities are difficult. ‘I have developed a practice helping people extract themselves from relationships with people who suffer from narcissism or borderline personalities,’ says Bloom.

Having spent five years as a private client solicitor, Bloom is well-placed to deal with complicated tax and trust issues. Describing her range of cases, she says: ‘The property may be in the middle of renovation or the business may be highly illiquid. There are usually issues around the beneficial entitlement under trust arrangements. Inevitably, emotions are running high, but these cases also require a lot of technical know-how.’

Experienced in international divorce with complicated cross- border tax issues, Bloom also has niche experience representing high-profile entrepreneurs and Nordic nationals. When asked about her strategy, Bloom simply explains that she ‘[tries] to encourage the court to make the right decision’, exuding the air of calm expertise for which she has come to be known by clients and peers alike.

Industry experts also note her strength in ‘combining compassion with efficiency’, while a peer attests that her services are cost-effective and competitive. The peer, who has acted opposite Bloom, says she would personally consult Bloom if she were divorcing. Clients are equally keen, praising Bloom for a collaborative approach and outstanding results.

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